[CF-metadata] albedo, air pressure definitions

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at knmi.nl
Thu Aug 20 11:22:28 MDT 2015

On 10/08/15 19:37, Maarten Sneep wrote:
> On 07/08/15 21:15, Nan Galbraith wrote:
>> Hi All, and happy Friday.
>> It's been almost a month since Maarten Sneep posted 'A few definitions seem off'
>> and there have been just a couple of replies.
>> Can we please add definitions for albedo and air_pressure to the standard names
>> table? Do people think we don't need these defined - is that the problem?
>> I have no particular preference about the content of the definitions, here's what's
>> been proposed.
> We have a document with definitions we use for our remote sensing work. This document
> is currently in the signatures loop, but I hope to share it with you in the coming
> week. That gives at least our definitions, from a perspective of a group that is
> strictly looking in the short-wave spectrum. Note that the document uses maths to
> define the quantities, which is a bit awkward for the textual definitions used in CF.
> But at least it can provide a basis, for quite some quantities. Also note that there
> are quantities defined in the document that would be nice in CF from our perspective,
> but I don't feel like 'defending' them here (a slant column, anyone?).

Here is the list of terms & definitions we use for satellite remote sensing 
development at KNMI. I hope you find this useful.


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