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Dear All,

The standard name and area type tables have both been updated. The standard name table is now at version 40 and the area type table is at version 5, both dated 25 January 2017. The changes to both tables have also been published in the NERC Vocabulary Server.

The changes are listed below. I have also given details of the changes that went into the standard name table at version 39, published in December 2016, as I did not send those to the mailing list at the time.

Mike Godin, David Lawrence, Sophie Nowicki and Elena Shevliakova have been added to the list of contributors to CF standard names: http://cfconventions.org/Data/cf-standard-names/docs/standard-name-contributors.html.

The next update to standard names is planned for 21st February 2017.

Best wishes,


V39 standard name changes:

1. New names

a. Proposed by David Lawrence and Elena Shevliakova for the CMIP6 LUMIP experiment:

carbon_mass_flux_into_forestry_and_agricultural_products_due_to_anthropogenic_land_use_or_land_cover_change (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)
carbon_mass_flux_into_soil_and_litter_due_to_anthropogenic_land_use_or_land_cover_change (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)
gross_rate_of_decrease_in_area_fraction (canonical units: s-1)
gross_rate_of_increase_in_area_fraction (canonical units: s-1)
mass_content_of_water_in_soil (canonical units: kg m-2)
mass_content_of_water_in_soil_layer (canonical units: kg m-2)
surface_downward_mass_flux_of_water_due_to_irrigation (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)
surface_upward_heat_flux_due_to_anthropogenic_energy_consumption (canonical units: W m-2)
surface_upward_mass_flux_of_carbon_dioxide_expressed_as_carbon_due_to_anthropogenic_land_use_or_land_cover_change (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)
tendency_of_atmosphere_mass_content_of_carbon_dioxide_expressed_as_carbon_due_to_emission_from_forestry_and_agricultural_products (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)

b. Proposed by Paul Durack for the CMIP6 OMIP experiment:

mole_concentration_of_dissolved_inorganic_phosphorus_in_sea_water (canonical units: mol m-3)

2. Aliases

During the discussion of the LUMIP names it was agreed that the phrase "forestry and agricultural products" would be used in standard names in preference to "products of anthropogenic_land_use_change". This affected one existing name which has been updated as follows:
carbon_content_of_products_of_anthropogenic_land_use_change (kg m-2) -> carbon_content_of_forestry_and_agricultural_products (kg m-2)


V40 standard name changes:

1. New names

a. Proposed by Sophie Nowicki for the CMIP6 ISMIP6 experiment

floating_ice_sheet_area_fraction (canonical units: 1)
grounded_ice_sheet_area_fraction (canonical units: 1)
land_ice_basal_specific_mass_balance_flux (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)
land_ice_basal_upward_velocity (canonical units: m s-1)
land_ice_runoff_flux (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)
land_ice_specific_mass_flux_due_to_calving (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)
land_ice_specific_mass_flux_due_to_calving_and_ice_front_melting (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)
land_ice_surface_melt_flux (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)
land_ice_surface_upward_velocity (canonical units: m s-1)
land_ice_surface_x_velocity (canonical units: m s-1)
land_ice_surface_y_velocity (canonical units: m s-1)
temperature_at_base_of_ice_sheet_model (canonical units: K)
temperature_at_top_of_ice_sheet_model (canonical units: K)
tendency_of_land_ice_mass_due_to_basal_mass_balance (canonical units: kg s-1)
tendency_of_land_ice_mass_due_to_calving (canonical units: kg s-1)
upward_geothermal_heat_flux_at_ground_level_in_land_ice (canonical units: W m-2)
water_flux_into_sea_water_from_land_ice (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)

b. Proposed by Mike Godin

mass_concentration_of_petroleum_hydrocarbons_in_sea_water (canonical units: kg m-3)

2. Aliases

No new aliases were created at version 40 of the standard name table

3. Modifications to definitions of existing names

The definition of one existing name, land_ice_surface_specific_mass_balance_flux (kg m-2 s-1), was modified to make the wording more consistent with that of the new land ice mass balance names.


V5 area type changes:

1. New area types

a. Proposed by David Lawrence and Elena Shevliakova for the CMIP6 LUMIP experiment


b. Proposed by Sophie Nowicki for the CMIP6 ISMIP6 experiment


2. Modifications to definitions of existing area types

a. Proposed by David Lawrence and Elena Shevliakova for the CMIP6 LUMIP experiment

A second sentence was added to the definition of the area_type 'pastures', which now reads 'Pastures are assumed to be anthropogenic in origin. They include anthropogenically managed pastureland and rangeland.'


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