[CF-metadata] Using the same time grid but different cell averaging periods

Kehoe, Kenneth E. kkehoe at ou.edu
Fri Feb 24 17:02:22 MST 2017

CF metadata,

I’m currently working on a dataset that has a suite of variables with two different averaging periods. Going through the archives I can’t find any discussions of this type. For example one variable measures average temperature each minute while a second variable measures average pressure over the preceding 5 minutes (essentially a running box car mean with overlapping samples.) The time step is the same for both variables. Is there a way to list two different time bounds variables associated with the same time step?

I was thinking of something like this:

      time = UNLIMITED; // (1440 currently)
      nv = 2;

      float temperature(time);
        temperature:long_name = “Atmospheric temperature";
        temperature:units = “degC";
        temperature:cell_methods = "time: mean";

      float pressure(time);
        pressure:long_name = “Atmospheric pressure over preceding 5 minutes";
        pressure:units = “hPa";
        pressure:cell_methods = "time: mean”;
        pressure:bounds = "time_bnds2";

      double time(time);
        time:long_name = "time";
        time:units = “minutes since 1998-04-19 06:00:00 0:00";
        time:bounds = "time_bnds1";
      double time_bnds1(time,nv);
      double time_bnds2(time,nv);

      time = 0., 1., 2., 3., 4. ...;
      time_bnds1 = -1,0, 0,1, 1,2, 2,3, 3,4  ...;
      time_bnds2 = -5,0, -4,1, -3,2, -2,3, -1,4  ...;



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