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Signell, Richard rsignell at usgs.gov
Tue Feb 28 05:27:18 MST 2017

CF Folks,

What would be the best DSG featureType to represent a wire-crawling
sensor that has a fixed lon,lat location, but non-uniform depth
interval as it goes up and down, and takes enough time that the
profile might not be accurately represented with a single time value?

On this ERDDAP site the featureType is "trajectory":

and I'm wondering if that's the best, or whether "timeSeriesProfile"
would be better, written as as ragged array with profile_index?

Certainly if we assigned a "nominal time" for each cast, then it would
clearly be representable as timeSeriesProfile, but it's not clear to
me that it meets the CF conventions if time varies within the cast.

There would be value in allowing the time-varying values within the
profile, but also labeling/indexing the profiles,  so that people
could easily extract, say, all the "down" profiles, excluding the "up"
(or vice versa).


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