[CF-metadata] Telecom This Morning: Reminder and agenda

David Blodgett dblodgett at usgs.gov
Tue Mar 7 06:28:52 MST 2017

Dear CF,

This is a reminder that we will be getting together on a google hang out in about thirty minutes to discuss the way forward on simple geometries in NetCDF-CF. I will write up a brief summary of this call and share with the list later today.

Brief review:
1) There is general consensus that the "simple geometry with linked time series" use case is worth pursuing in CF.
2) We agree that we need to support all of the simple multigeometry types and their non-multi variants. This includes holes in polygons.
3) We seem to agree that a solution will use the existing contiguous ragged array (CF 1.6 9.3.3 <http://cfconventions.org/cf-conventions/v1.6.0/cf-conventions.html#_contiguous_ragged_array_representation>) with some attribute names and relationships changed to better suit geometries.
4) We are not sure if node sharing (which supports explicit declaration of topology of geometries and can reduce file sizes) is needed in a CF specification for simple geometries.
5) We are not sure if this new content is more appropriate as an extension of the point/timeseries DSG feature types or a variant of cell bounds to be introduced in a new section of the spec.

Proposed Agenda:
Affirm agreement on 1-3
Discuss the alternatives in 4. Make a decision or craft a strategy to resolve disagreement.
Come to consensus on 5 and discuss the outline for draft addition to the spec.

Talk soon, 


NetCDF - Simple Geometries Discussion
Scheduled: Mar 7, 2017, 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM (CT)
Hopefully google hangouts will work. Please use this url:

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