[CF-metadata] Geometries in NetCDF Update

David Blodgett dblodgett at usgs.gov
Mon Mar 13 19:54:29 MDT 2017

Dear CF,

Based on feedback we’ve received and the phone call we held last week, Time Whiteaker and I have worked up a mostly complete new draft of how to store geometries in NetCDF. We’d greatly appreciate more eyes on it if you have time or interest.

It’s been written up in some detail here: https://github.com/twhiteaker/netCDF-CF-simple-geometry/blob/master/README.md <https://github.com/twhiteaker/netCDF-CF-simple-geometry/blob/master/README.md>

Feel free to open issues in that GitHub repository to track further conversation or follow up on list.


- Dave
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