[CF-metadata] Recording "day of year on which something happens"

Jon Blower j.d.blower at reading.ac.uk
Tue Mar 14 08:43:49 MDT 2017

Hi all,

We need to structure a NetCDF file that will hold a variable that represents the day of the year on which an event happened (integers from 0 to 366). This value is recorded every year for a number of years. I have a couple of questions about how best to do this:

1. What is the best standard name to use for the day of the year? I didn’t find anything in the standard name table, although I might have missed it.

2. What would be the best way to define the time axis? Each point along the axis would represent a whole year, rather than an instant in time. I could simply pick an arbitrary instant (e.g. midnight on 1st Jan) to represent the year, but is there a better way?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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