[CF-metadata] Request for new standard names for climatological statistics based on thresholds

Bärring Lars Lars.Barring at smhi.se
Fri Mar 24 02:10:08 MDT 2017

Dear all,
Several standard names oriented towards climate indices for various impacts are based on thresholds, and the standard name includes the construct "..._above_threshold" or "..._below_threshold".  However, several well-established climate indices use non-strict inequalities in their definition. 
For model output using floating point precision the difference between using a strict and a non-strict inequality is small or even negligible, but for observational data discretized to some limited precision (typically one or no decimal digit) this makes a difference. 
At a workshop last week people involved in WMO/CCl Expert Team on Sector-specific Climate Indices (ET-SCI) and the joint CCl/WCRP/JCOMM Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI), as well as the European ECA&D programme and several research projects discussed this. 
The outcome of these discussions is to suggest new standard names similar to the existing ones but using the contructs "..._at_or_above_threshold" and "..._at_or_below_threshold". In all other respects these new standard names should be patterned after the following existing ones:
The specific use cases for these extension are several ET-SCI defined indices that involves non-strict inequalities. 
The alternative of changing the ET-SCI definitions to use a strict inequality is not an option because they have been painstakingly defined in collaboration with user communities and/or are directly related to well-established operational usage. 
Likewise, to just adjust the threshold in order to turn the non-strict inequality to a strict equality (say from 30 C to 29.9 C or 29.99 C or ...) is not attractive and prone to cause confusion.
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