[CF-metadata] Standard Names Representing Measurements not due to some process

Andrew Barna abarna at ucsd.edu
Thu Mar 30 13:02:38 MDT 2017


I was having a discussion regarding rosette mounted transmissometers, specifically the Wetlabs C-Star.

The most obvious standard name for the measurement appears to be:

However, because of the way the instrument is calibrated, the attenuation due to the (pure) water itself is not a constituent of the reported attenuation coefficient.
The resulting modification would appear to be:
volume_beam_attenuation_coefficient_of_radiative_flux_in_sea_water_not_due_to_water (or some variant, _not_due_to_pure_water)

Is there a better way to account for reporting parameters which are the result of all processes except for some known process?


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