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Dear All,

The standard name table has been updated. The current version is now V43, dated 25 April 2017. The changes have also been published in the NERC Vocabulary Server. The changes are listed in full at the end of this message.

Kevin Marsh and Sebastien Villaume have been added to the list of contributors to CF standard names: http://cfconventions.org/Data/cf-standard-names/docs/standard-name-contributors.html. (The other contributors to this month's update were already listed).

The next update to standard names is planned for 22nd May 2017.

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V43 standard name changes

1. New names

a. Proposed by Paul Durack for the CMIP6 OMIP experiment

sea_water_ph_abiotic_analogue_reported_on_total_scale (canonical units: 1)
sea_water_ph_natural_analogue_reported_on_total_scale (canonical units: 1)
sea_water_alkalinity_natural_analogue_expressed_as_mole_equivalent (canonical units: mol m-3)
surface_downward_mass_flux_of_carbon13_dioxide_abiotic_analogue_expressed_as_carbon13 (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)
surface_downward_mass_flux_of_carbon14_dioxide_abiotic_analogue_expressed_as_carbon (canonical units: kg m-2 s-1)
mole_concentration_of_particulate_organic_matter_expressed_as_silicon_in_sea_water (canonical units: mol m-3)
tendency_of_mole_concentration_of_particulate_organic_matter_expressed_as_carbon_in_sea_water_due_to_remineralization (canonical units: mol m-3 s-1)
tendency_of_ocean_mole_content_of_nitrogen_due_to_biological_production (canonical units: mol m-2 s-1)

b. Proposed by Kevin Marsh for the NEMO model

sea_water_mass_per_unit_area_expressed_as_thickness (canonical units: m)
ocean_mixed_layer_thickness_defined_by_vertical_tracer_diffusivity_threshold (canonical units: m)
ratio_of_sea_water_potential_temperature_anomaly_to_relaxation_timescale (canonical units: K s-1)
ratio_of_sea_water_practical_salinity_anomaly_to_relaxation_timescale (canonical units: s-1)
integral_of_sea_water_practical_salinity_wrt_depth (canonical units: m)

c. Proposed by Beate Geyer

partial_pressure_of_carbon_dioxide_in_sea_water (canonical units: Pa)
partial_pressure_of_methane_in_sea_water (canonical units: Pa)

2. Aliases

One new alias was proposed by Jonathan Gregory during the discussion of the NEMO standard names.

ocean_mixed_layer_thickness_defined_by_vertical_tracer_diffusivity -> ocean_mixed_layer_thickness_defined_by_vertical_tracer_diffusivity_deficit (canonical units: m)

3. Modifications to definitions of existing names

a. Clarifications to the definitions of dissolved inorganic silicon/phosphorus names were proposed by James Orr in response to a question from Martin Juckes:

The final sentence of the definition was changed from ' "Dissolved inorganic phosphorus" means phosphate ions in solution' to ' "Dissolved inorganic phosphorus" means the sum of all dissolved inorganic phosphorus in solution (including phosphate, hydrogen phosphate, dihydrogen phosphate, and phosphoric acid).'

The final sentence of the definition was changed from ' "Dissolved inorganic silicon" means silicate ions in solution' to ' "Dissolved inorganic silicon" means the sum of all dissolved silicon in solution (including silicic acid and its first dissociated anion SiO(OH)3-).'

b. Beate Geyer proposed removing the unnecessary sentence ' "Water" means water in all phases, including frozen i.e. ice and snow' from the definition of surface_partial_pressure_of_carbon_dioxide_in_sea_water.


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