[CF-metadata] [CF Metadata] #160: Proposal to use GitHub instead of trac

David Blodgett dblodgett at usgs.gov
Wed May 3 10:14:01 MDT 2017

Dear CF Community, 

Sorry for cross posting, but in case people are not watchers of the GitHub repository, there is discussion of the migration to GitHub and the simple geometry proposal now summarized in a GitHub issue here: https://github.com/cf-convention/cf-conventions/issues/112 <https://github.com/cf-convention/cf-conventions/issues/112>

Related materials should be linked together there.


- Dave Blodgett

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> #160: Proposal to use GitHub instead of trac
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> Comment (by jonathan):
> Dear all
> Dave Blodgett has posted his proposed simple geometries convention as a
> !GitHub issue at  https://github.com/cf-convention/cf-
> conventions/pull/109. This is a good example for us. I would like to make
> detailed suggestions on his text, as we do on trac tickets, but I'm not
> sure how to go about it. This is what I have commented on !GitHub.
>   Thanks for doing this. I think it's in pretty good shape but I have
> quite a few detailed comments and suggestions to make, nearly all on the
> proposed text rather than the convention itself. I'm not sure how to do
> that in !GitHub, so it's a useful exercise to see how this would work. If
> your proposal was in trac, I would reply to your posting on the ticket,
> edit the wiki-markup text to show my changes and suggestions for the parts
> affected, and repost it to the trac ticket. If it was on a wiki, I would
> make a copy of it on the wiki page, and edit it similarly.
>   The way !GitHub is set up, I suppose the natural way to do it is to make
> a new branch and edit that, but (a) I don't know how to do that, (b) it's
> not obvious to me that the changes I suggested would be clear to you. In
> fact I find the proposal in this form not as easy to follow as it would be
> in trac. I can view it as deltas of the files, but these have little
> context and are hard to read as text because the markup isn't translated,
> or I can read the properly rendered modified files, but these don't show
> what's been changed, and of course they show much more that isn't
> affected, and it's several different complete files.
>   So I'm inclined to think that it would be easier to use !GitHub issues
> in the same way as we use trac. That is, you would post your entire text
> to the "issue". Then I presume I could copy your posting and edit it, as
> in trac. Unfortunately, the markup isn't the same, is it - the issues use
> markdown, I believe, whereas the convention text uses !AsciiDoc. This is a
> technical obstacle. Is there an automatic translator? If not, once the
> text is agreed, it would have to be manually transposed into the
> conventions document, as we have been doing from trac.
> I wonder if people could comment on these issues about how to use !GitHub,
> in view of its relevance to this ticket. (If you want to comment on Dave's
> proposal, that would belong on the !GitHub issue.)
> Best wishes
> Jonathan
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