[CF-metadata] An area type for non-ocean water surfaces

martin.juckes at stfc.ac.uk martin.juckes at stfc.ac.uk
Fri May 5 08:00:16 MDT 2017

Hello All,

Stephane Senesi has raised the issue that some CMIP6 models may have a finite area of river water, and this should be recorded as an area type (https://github.com/cmip6dr/CMIP6_DataRequest_VariableDefinitions/issues/85). <https://github.com/cmip6dr/CMIP6_DataRequest_VariableDefinitions/issues/85>   I suspect that such models may also represet lakes.

We could just add a "river" area type. Ideally, we should make clear how this relates to other area types. E.g. is "river" part of "land", or separate from it? The definition of the CMIP5 residualFrac variable implies that lakes are considered as part of land (though it is not clear whether this applies to all lakes, or just sub-grid scale lakes -- resolved by perhaps 1 or 2 CMIP5 models).


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