[CF-metadata] OMIP standard_name surface_downward_mass_flux_of_carbon_dioxide

Durack, Paul J. durack1 at llnl.gov
Thu May 11 13:49:03 MDT 2017

In the large OMIP biogeochemistry request several carbon_dioxide names were requested. Of these surface_downward_mass_flux_of_carbon_dioxide was rejected, as surface_downward_mole_flux_of_carbon_dioxide already exists.

This relates to variables contained in the Biogeochemistry sheet - https://goo.gl/Fyr6QW

The rejection of this name has led to the situation where requested carbon_dioxide variables have different units:

surface_downward_mole_flux_of_carbon_dioxide, mol m-2 s-1 (Omon, 162)
surface_downward_mass_flux_of_carbon_dioxide_natural_analogue_expressed_as_carbon, kg m-2 s-11 (Omon, 163)
surface_downward_mass_flux_of_carbon_dioxide_abiotic_analogue_expressed_as_carbon, kg m-2 s-11 (Omon, 164)
surface_downward_mass_flux_of_carbon14_dioxide_abiotic_analogue_expressed_as_carbon, kg m-2 s-11 (Omon, 165)
surface_downward_mass_flux_of_carbon13_dioxide_abiotic_analogue_expressed_as_carbon13, kg m-2 s-11 (Omon, 166)
surface_downward_mole_flux_of_molecular_oxygen, mol m-2 s-1 (Omon, 167)
surface_upward_mole_flux_of_dimethyl_sulfide, mol m-2 s-1 (Omon, 168)

I wonder if this can be reconsidered so there is some consistency between the carbon_dioxide standard names and their units.


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