[CF-metadata] grid cells with a varying number of cell bounds

Karl Taylor taylor13 at llnl.gov
Tue Sep 5 16:51:46 MDT 2017

HI all,

Consider a grid consisting of both triangular and rectangular grid cells 
with n total grid cells.  In this case the cell_bounds for longitude 
could be dimensioned (n, 4) because there are a maximum of 4 cell vertices.

My question is, for the triangular grid cells do we *require* the 4th 
element of the bounds to be set to missing_value?  If not, how does 
software decide how many vertices each grid cell has?

Also, in H.2.3 examples H.4 and H.5, missing_value is defined for the 
time coordinate, time(time).  I don't think coordinates are allowed to 
include missing values.  Is this a "defect" in our document?

thanks in advance,

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