[CF-metadata] Questions about correct standard_name

Mon Dec 18 06:36:06 MST 2017

Dear all,

I'd like to ask some questions about appropriate standard names of some variables:

I'm looking for the standard name of mean concentration of volcanic ash at specific altitude levels.
I used
but the CF convention checker realizes that this is an invalid standard_name.
Unfortunately, I did not find a valid standard name yet. Do you have any recommendations?

Furthermore, I'm looking for some standard names for variables related to radioactivity.
I used
deposited_activity_concentration (in Bq/m2).
time_integrated_activity_concentration_in_air (Bq s/m3).
The first variable contains information about the deposited activity concentration that depends on the type of the nuclide, time, latitude, and longitude.
The second variable contains information about the time-integrated activity concentration of different radionuclides at specific levels. It's dimensions are type of the nuclide, time, height, latitude, and longitude.
Do you have any recommendation concerning the standard names of these variables?

Finally, I need to define a variable that contains the information about the radioactive nuclide itself. I defined a character variable that uses the (invalid) standard name:
Do you also have advice for the standard name of this variable?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards,

Dr. Barbara Scherllin-Pirscher
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