[CF-metadata] Proposed standard name for petroleum in sea water

Lowry, Roy K. rkl at bodc.ac.uk
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Dear Mike,

My understanding is that the discussion reached a successful consensus as per your e-mail below and therefore it should be in the queue for inclusion without any need for further action.

Cheers, Roy.

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Back in July, we discussed a standard name for petroleum dissolved in sea water, and settled upon "mass_concentration_of_petroleum_hydrocarbons_in_sea_water".  Is there a next step to get the name onto the list?

Standard Name: mass_concentration_of_petroleum_hydrocarbons_in_sea_water
Canonical Units: kg m-3
Description: Mass concentration means mass per unit volume and is used in the construction mass_concentration_of_X_in_Y, where X is a material constituent of Y.  Petroleum hydrocarbons are compounds containing just carbon and hydrogen originating from the fossil fuel crude oil.

Thanks, Mike
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