[CF-metadata] Request for 4 new standard names - CMIP6 HighResMIP

Jonathan Gregory j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk
Mon Jan 23 08:22:49 MST 2017

Dear Malcolm

Thanks for your proposals.

> 1. prcsh shallow_conv_precipitation_flux
This would be better as shallow_convective_precipitation_flux for a standard
name, as you have written in your longer description. That would be consistent
with existing names containing shallow_convective and shallow_convection.

> 2. uqint integrated_eastward_wind_times_humidity
> 3. vqint integrated_northward_wind_times_humidity
It looks like the CF standard names you propose for these are actually
> atmosphere_product_of_eastward_wind_and_specific_humidity
> atmosphere_product_of_northward_wind_and_specific_humidity
It's true that "atmosphere" is used for some names that refer to the whole
column, but in these cases it would be clearer to say explicitly that these
are vertical integrals of
> product_of_eastward_wind_and_specific_humidity
> product_of_northward_wind_and_specific_humidity
as is done for some other existing names. This is also because you have to
specify what the integration is with respect to, since that affects the units
of the quantity. The names could be of the form
What would X be?

> 4. wbptemp wet_bulb_potential_temperature
That would be fine, I think.

Best wishes


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