[CF-metadata] CF-metadata Digest, Vol 166, Issue 5

Jim Biard jbiard at cicsnc.org
Mon Feb 6 06:31:42 MST 2017

It may be worth noting that the IEEE-754 representation was decided by 
Unidata and netCDF. If it had been left up to CF, I wonder what would 
have happened? ;-)

On 2/3/17 2:41 PM, Bob Simons - NOAA Federal wrote:
> ...
> And it seems odd to reject existing standards that have been so 
> painstakingly hammered out, in favor of starting the process all over 
> again.  We follow existing standards for other things (e.g., IEEE-754 
> for representing floating point numbers in binary files), why can't we 
> follow an existing Simple Features standard?
> ...

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