[CF-metadata] Overlapping vertical bounds

Manning, Evan M (398B) Evan.M.Manning at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 3 08:32:51 MST 2017

When I was researching  the topic I came across this:
> When I try and load the file using Ferret, this throws a warning.. Which
> makes me think I¹m not doing things correctly:
> Ferret v6.93
> yes? use file.nc
>   *** NOTE: Axis definition error on axis: time. Bounds describe cells that
> overlap one another

which made me think that overlap was an error.  But reading more context I see it is just a “note”, not an “error”, and clearly overlapping bounds are accepted.

For my situation of overlapping vertical trapezoids, I now think I should use the full overlapping extent in the “bounds” variable and explain the full shape of the trapezoids in the main variable’s description attribute.

Is there a better way to communicate the full situation?

  -- Evan

From: Jim Biard <jbiard at cicsnc.org>
Date: Friday, March 3, 2017 at 5:09 AM
To: <cf-metadata at cgd.ucar.edu>
Subject: Re: [CF-metadata] Overlapping vertical bounds

What makes you think overlapping bounds are illegal?

On 3/2/17 7:20 PM, Manning, Evan M (398B) wrote:
I have some quantities which are defined on trapezoids in the vertical direction.

For example the top trap might be full weight from the top of the atmosphere (TOA) to 50 hPa, then we ramp linearly between the first and second traps between 50 & 75 hPa, then trap 2 is full weight 75-100 hPa, followed by another transition in [100, 125] hPa, etc.

I can’t have a bounds variable with the full extent of each trap like [ [0, 75], [50, 125], [100, … because overlap is illegal.

I could have underlap, just giving the intervals where each trap is in full force: [ [0, 50], [75, 100], …

Or I could use the midpoints of the transitions: [ [ 0, 62.5], [62.5, 112.5], …

I’d prefer to find a standard way to communicate the precise situation.  Is there one?

  -- Evan


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