[CF-metadata] dimension missing in examples on cfconventions.org

Hedley, Mark mark.hedley at metoffice.gov.uk
Thu Mar 16 08:23:36 MDT 2017

Hello Hella

this is just the place to raise this kind of issue, thank you for bringing it to us

I have checked the latest builds of the conventions document and these omissions are still in place

it is my assessment that these are mistakes, I agree with you.

I have raised a ticket on the cf trac site and a proposed change on the cf github site:


i think this is the current change process, although that is in the process of changing

We will use these to follow through on this and enable others to review the content change, particularly giving opportunity for someone to explain to us why we are both wrong and actually the examples are encoded correctly, which may well be the case.

all the best

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Subject: [CF-metadata] dimension missing in examples on cfconventions.org

Dear CF list,

in example http://cfconventions.org/cf-conventions/v1.6.0/cf-conventions.html#_contiguous_ragged_array_representation_of_time_series, no dimension 'name_strlen' is defined, but in fact used as dimension in 'char station_name(name_strlen)'.

In http://cfconventions.org/cf-conventions/v1.6.0/cf-conventions.html#_single_time_series_including_deviations_from_a_nominal_fixed_spatial_location, the dimension is still there, in http://cfconventions.org/cf-conventions/v1.6.0/cf-conventions.html#_indexed_ragged_array_representation_of_time_series it is missing as well.

Sorry if this is not the usual email content to this list - I couldn't find a contact email or form on http://cfconventions.org.

Best wishes,

P.S. This doesn't seem to be a big deal and easy to fix, but as the section is also about the attributes 'sample_dimension' and 'cf_role', which factually replace the dimension 'station' with an index counter for observational data if I understood correctly, it is more confusing than it might seem at first.
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