[CF-metadata] Recording "day of year on which something happens"

Jon Blower j.d.blower at reading.ac.uk
Fri Mar 31 07:15:14 MDT 2017

Dear Jonathan,

Thanks for this. I do find it a bit confusing but I guess we have to weigh up the impact of the possible confusion with that of introducing a new term. And if the term is to be taken as an exact synonym of “sum” (in the CF context) then perhaps it only has cosmetic value (assuming that “sum” is currently defined in such a way that it does the job we need).

What would people think if we introduced a cell_method of “extensive” to mean a quantity that applies over the extent of the cell?

Best wishes,Jon

On 24/03/2017 16:54, "Jonathan Gregory" <j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk> wrote:

    Dear Jon et al.
    Just on the point of the cell_method of "sum". I understand that this could be
    misleading. The two default methods are point for intensive quantities and sum
    for extensive quantities. It doesn't literally mean it's a sum necessarily, but
    that it applies to the entire extent of the grid cell rather than a point
    within it. If this is unbearably confusing, perhaps we should introduce a new
    synonym for this cell_method.
    Best wishes

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