[CF-metadata] New standard names for NEMO ocean model output

Sebastien Villaume sebastien.villaume at ecmwf.int
Wed Apr 5 04:51:22 MDT 2017

Dear Alison et al,

we are happy with your suggestions/modifications. 

I also understand from your comments to integral_of_sea_water_practical_salinity_wrt_depth that my proposal to rename integral_of_sea_water_potential_temperature_wrt_depth_expressed_as_heat_content for consistency is no longer required.

Regarding Jonathan comments, I think we (Eric, Kevin, myself) are fine with "thickness", "thickness_change", "height" or "height_change" for the steric, halosteric and thermosteric contributions as long as it is consistent for the three standard names and other related names.

In the future, we may want to produce the steric, halosteric and thermosteric contributions of each water cell of the column, not only for the whole water column. The definitions of the present standard names and the possibility to derive new standard names for this future situation need to be taken into account.

one more question: what is the standard name corresponding to sea_water_mass_per_unit_area_expressed_as_thickness (at 0degC, 35psu) + ocean_steric_thickness? i.e the total thickness of the water column? it is not clear to me if it exists or if we should use sea_water_mass_per_unit_area_expressed_as_thickness and point to an auxiliary variable sea_water_density at XdegC and Ypsu...



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Dear Alison

Thank you for your careful and sensible analysis, as always. I agree with all
your proposals except that I'm sorry to say I'm not happy about the steric
height yet. I don't seek to insist on what I suggested before, but I don't
think the proposal so far matches scientific terminology as far as I'm aware.

> 3. ocean_steric_thickness (m)
> 4. ocean_halosteric_thickness (m)
> 5. ocean_thermosteric_thickness (m)

I understand these to mean the *change* in the thickness of the water column
caused by change to sea water density, due to change in T and S. That's what
your definitions indicate. If it's a change in thickness, it's confusing to
call it a thickness, I would say. People often refer to quantities of "steric/
halosteric/thermosteric sea level change", which I think are the same as what
we're talking about here. The change in thickness of the water column (the
vertical distance from the sea floor to the sea surface) is of course the same
thing as local sea level change.

Best wishes

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