[CF-metadata] New standard names for OMIP biogeochemistry and chemistry

martin.juckes at stfc.ac.uk martin.juckes at stfc.ac.uk
Thu Apr 6 11:51:41 MDT 2017

Hello All,

I'd like to support Alison on point 4 (see http://mailman.cgd.ucar.edu/pipermail/cf-metadata/2017/059357.html ), regarding the proposal for new standard names for near surface tracer fields.

The statement 'The surface called "surface" means the lower boundary of the atmosphere' occurs in many standard name definitions: introducing a new set of names in which "surface" means "near surface" introduces an unnecessary ambiguity.

I also note that some of these variables have already been requested in CMIP5, using the approach described by Karl.


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