[CF-metadata] Simple Geometry Proposal Next Steps

David Blodgett dblodgett at usgs.gov
Sat Apr 22 06:35:53 MDT 2017

Dear all, 

It’s been a couple weeks with no response on this. I will open a pull request to the cf-convention GitHub repository and we can discuss it’s merits there.


- Dave

> On Apr 7, 2017, at 11:42 AM, David Blodgett <dblodgett at usgs.gov> wrote:
> Dear All,
> We have reconciled issues brought up in review of the Simple Geometry proposal into three documents.
> 1) A README that is a high level overview of the proposal. <https://github.com/twhiteaker/netCDF-CF-simple-geometry/blob/master/README.md>
> 2) A more detailed wiki with linked examples written by two reference implementations. <https://github.com/twhiteaker/netCDF-CF-simple-geometry/wiki>
> 3) Proposed language for two sections of the spec, Chapter 7 <https://github.com/dblodgett-usgs/cf-conventions/blob/master/ch07.adoc> and Appendix E <https://github.com/dblodgett-usgs/cf-conventions/blob/master/appe.adoc>.
> In (3) you will see a new section 7.5 at the end of the page and a new example E.1 at the end of that page.
> Given the ongoing conversation about a move to GitHub, and the fact that I think this proposal is too late to be included in section 1.7, I am left wondering what the right course is for reviewing and contributing this material to the specification. Should I submit this draft text through Trac? Should this be the first CF-1.8 github tracked contribution? 
> Thanks so much for working with us to make this proposal a reality. I’m really happy with the outcome. The R implementation <https://github.com/dblodgett-usgs/NCDFSG> I’ve prepared can read/write from GDAL/OGR-sourced spatial data types with comparable performance to the native OGR read/write of shape files. So we know the format can perform, even with some hacked-together R code! We also have a functioning Python implementation <https://github.com/twhiteaker/netCDF-CF-simple-geometry/tree/master/src/python/ncsg> if you are curious to have a look at how that might work.
> Regards, 
> - Dave

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