[CF-metadata] Representing statistics in CF

Jonathan Gregory j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk
Mon Apr 24 10:17:57 MDT 2017

Dear Jon

> 2. Representing the variability of a quantity within a time period (e.g. expressing the annual mean plus a measure of the spread of values around the mean).
> I assume that (2) is solved by using cell methods on the time axis (e.g. cell_methods = “t: mean” or “t: standard_deviation” etc). Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Quite right. The time period is recorded using bounds of the time coord var.

> 1. Representing the mean and spread of an ensemble of simulations (i.e. boiling down a set of ensemble members to two variables: mean and spread).
> For (1) should I use a standard name modifier? If so, is there a reason why “mean” and “standard deviation” are not listed as standard name modifiers? “Standard error” is listed, but this is different from standard deviation, and I think that what I will need is probably a standard deviation.

You can do this with cell_methods in exactly the same way, "e: mean" and
"e: standard_deviation" where e is the ensemble dimension. If you don't have
an ensemble dimension, you could put "realization: mean" and
"realization: standard_deviation", since "realization" is a standard_name
for ensemble member designators.

Best wishes


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