[CF-metadata] New standard names for NEMO ocean model output

Jonathan Gregory j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk
Wed Apr 26 15:36:14 MDT 2017

Dear Sebastien

> @Jonathan: what would be the standard names if we were using "_due_to_change_in_" ? Since it is a "change" of height due to a "change" of a physical property, we end up with:
> change_in_sea_surface_height_due_to_change_in_sea_water_density
> change_in_sea_surface_height_due_to_change_in_sea_water_practical_salinity
> change_in_sea_surface_height_due_to_change_in_sea_water_temperature

Yes, I agree, that would be right.

> It is fine for me but I understand it could look awkward to some users/experts. It is however nicely verbose to help understand what those parameters are.
> If we were removing "_above_sea_floor" from the names proposed by Alison:
> steric_change_in_sea_surface_height
> halosteric_change_in_sea_surface_height
> thermosteric_change_in_sea_surface_height
> it is more compact and elegant but it could be a bit cryptic to non-experts.

Yes, I agree with this too. As I mentioned, thermosteric and steric do appear
in existing names (one each), so we should either rename those with due_to, or
use the steric terms here, for consistency.

> I am fine with both formulations and I agree with Kevin, we could keep both versions and make aliases. 

I am fine too with either of them, but not with aliases for this purpose. We
use aliases to preserve backwards-compatibility when we change our minds, not
to provide synonyms in the first place.

Best wishes


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