[CF-metadata] Representing statistics in CF

Jonathan Gregory j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk
Tue May 2 05:57:42 MDT 2017

Dear Jim et al.

I sympathise with what you say, but also I suspect that however the document
was organised there would still be questions whose answer wasn't obvious. I
think that's the role for the FAQs.
John Graybeal did a very useful and good job in assembling this document, but
its usefulness would be improved if people proposed other questions for it, and
even more if they also proposed the text of the answer! It ought to be a place
that people can usefully look before posting their question to the email list,
I feel.

Best wishes


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> Jon,
> This is something I have also found confusing in the past. It's
> unfortunate that we have a system in which you must dig through
> multiple attributes to figure out the type/kind/class of measurement
> you are dealing with, but this is how CF grew.
> Grace and peace,
> Jim
> On 4/24/17 12:17 PM, Jonathan Gregory wrote:
> >Dear Jon
> >
> >>2. Representing the variability of a quantity within a time period (e.g. expressing the annual mean plus a measure of the spread of values around the mean).
> >>I assume that (2) is solved by using cell methods on the time axis (e.g. cell_methods = “t: mean” or “t: standard_deviation” etc). Please correct me if I’m wrong!
> >Quite right. The time period is recorded using bounds of the time coord var.
> >
> >>1. Representing the mean and spread of an ensemble of simulations (i.e. boiling down a set of ensemble members to two variables: mean and spread).
> >>For (1) should I use a standard name modifier? If so, is there a reason why “mean” and “standard deviation” are not listed as standard name modifiers? “Standard error” is listed, but this is different from standard deviation, and I think that what I will need is probably a standard deviation.
> >You can do this with cell_methods in exactly the same way, "e: mean" and
> >"e: standard_deviation" where e is the ensemble dimension. If you don't have
> >an ensemble dimension, you could put "realization: mean" and
> >"realization: standard_deviation", since "realization" is a standard_name
> >for ensemble member designators.
> >
> >Best wishes
> >
> >Jonathan
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