[CF-metadata] standard names under ice velocity of water

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Dear Ute,

I would prefer the same Standard Name for the currents in a body of water whether or not it is covered by ice. What happens if you have a full year of data from a position where there is only ice for part of the year? Would you have a change of Standard Name for the water body currents when the ice melts?

So, why not use 'eastward_sea_water_velocity' and 'northward_sea_water_velocity'?

Cheers, Roy.

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Hei from Norway!

Our institute produces metocean data including currents and ice with the variables

eastward_sea_ice_velocity and northward_sea_ice_velocity
surface_eastward_sea_water_velocity and surface_northward_sea_water_velocity

The latter include the velocity of water and ice together:
"Water" means water in all phases, including frozen i.e. ice and snow. A velocity is a vector quantity. "Eastward" indicates a vector component which is positive when directed eastward (negative westward).

We are also storing the velocity of water under the ice (which one could assume as the difference of the two above, slightly more complicated I think). What would be the standard name for that velocity? If there isn't any yet, may we propose
underice_eastward_sea_water_velocity and underice_northward_sea_water_velocity?

With kind regards / med vennlig hilsen,

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