[CF-metadata] Sea water pH values: at standard or in-situ conditions?

Lowry, Roy K. rkl at bodc.ac.uk
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Dear Matthias,

All I can say that is that in-situ conditions were my assumption when involved in the initial discussions on this issue. However, I would not rely on the Standard Name to convey such detailed usage metadata information. Its function is to describe what was measured rather than the details of how it was measured.

For many years I have been suggesting the development of O&M Process Document standard profiles to do this job properly. In the mean time all I can suggest is to use the Long Name parameter attribute if you need to label more explicitly in CF.

Cheers, Roy.

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Subject: [CF-metadata] Sea water pH values: at standard or in-situ conditions?

Hello all,

we had a question come up for the "sea_water_ph_reported_on_total_scale" standard name: it appears that for some communities, in particular on the measurement side, pH would regularly be reported only after first having converted to its equivalent at standard conditions (25C, 0dbar). In other communities, pH would most regularly be reported at in-situ conditions (temperature and pressure at actual measurement spot).

While we assume that the CF conventions would implicitly assume values to be reported at in-situ conditions (i.e., the latter variant), my two questions are:
1) whether someone can confirm this, to be 100% certain?, and
2) whether adding a few according clarifying words to the description would be seen as useful?

Thanks and best,

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