[CF-metadata] Standard name for direction of wind gust

Stephane TAROT Stephane.Tarot at ifremer.fr
Wed Jun 21 04:10:16 MDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to request the creation of a standard name for the direction of 
wind gust (which is linked to the existing wind_speed_of_gust). I suggest

wind_from_direction_of_gust (degree)

For the definition, a mix of the defintions of wind_from_direction and 
wind_speed_of_gust can be used, such as :

"Wind is defined as a two-dimensional (horizontal) air velocity vector, 
with no vertical component. (Vertical motion in the atmosphere has the 
standard name upward_air_velocity.) In meteorological reports, the 
direction of the wind vector is usually (but not always) given as the 
direction from which it is blowing (wind_from_direction) (westerly, 
northerly, etc.). A gust is a sudden brief period of high wind speed. In 
an observed timeseries of wind speed, the gust wind speed can be 
indicated by a cell_methods of maximum for the time-interval."

Best regards

Stéphane Tarot

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