[CF-metadata] Is "psu" a valid cf unit?

Sean Arms sarms at ucar.edu
Tue Jul 18 07:34:17 MDT 2017

There was a github issue opened on UDUNITS2 a few years back (still
open, btw) regarding the support for PSU in the package:


An interesting point is made regarding units and physical quantities.


On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 7:12 AM, V. Balaji - NOAA Affiliate
<v.balaji at noaa.gov> wrote:
> The ocean modeling community is adamant that they will continue to use PSUs
> for salinity: it's this unit, rather than its SI or dimensionless
> equivalent, that gives the maximum digits of precision in a floating-point
> representation of salinity.
> It's a valid concern, and CF should perhaps reconsider, with a new
> discussion giving weight to the views of modelers as well as physical
> oceanographers.
> Thanks,
> Lowry, Roy K. writes:
>> Hello Martin,
>> This topic has been debated at length in CF. To cut a long story short,
>> the term 'Practical Salinity Unit' was coined when the 1978 Practical
>> Salinity scale was devised. However, the term fell out of favour with the
>> physical oceanographic community whose current recommended practice is that
>> Practical Salinity - a ratio - should be a dimensionless number.  CF
>> followed this recommendation and so PSU is not a part of CF.
>> Have a dig around in the mailing list archive if you want to find out
>> more.
>> Cheers, Roy.
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>> Subject: [CF-metadata] Is "psu" a valid cf unit?
>> Hello David, all,
>> Is "psu" a valus CF unit? It is not in Udunits, but it is added in
>> cf-python as a unit alias and also appears to be accpeted by the cf-checker.
>> I can't see any mention of it in the CF Convention document: the latter only
>> lists level, layer, and sigma_level permitted departures from Udunits,
>> regards,
>> Martin
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