[CF-metadata] CF Conventions 1.7 is released

Jonathan Gregory j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk
Fri Sep 8 06:36:15 MDT 2017

Dear Jeff

Thanks for the announcement and for your own great and painstaking efforts
over producing CF 1.7. It's great to have a new version at last. CF 1.6 was
published in Dec 2011! When we changed to the new method of managing the
document, we also agreed that in future we would have six-monthly releases
(if there are any changes to be made; see ticket 146, now closed).

In ticket 160 we are still discussing the use of GitHub for proposing future
changes. I'll add to that soon.

Best wishes


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>    The final draft of the CF Conventions document version 1.7 has been
>    released.  That is, the CF Conventions web site, cfconventions.org, now
>    points to version 1.7 as the latest standard.  Future changes will
>    appear in version 1.8.   The corresponding conformance document
>    ("Requirements and Recommendations") has also been released.
>    A huge number of people have been involved in deciding on the
>    revisions, in the Trac system and elsewhere.  For implementing those
>    changes in the document itself, I don't have a complete list of
>    contributors at hand.  But I skimmed my private notes on this project
>    and saw these people mentioned: Tanya Reshel, Richard Hattersley, David
>    Hassell, Mark Hedley, Rich Signell, Matthew Harris, Charlie Zender,
>    Guilherme Castelão, Gray Marchiori, Balaji, Jonathan Gregory, Karl
>    Taylor.   In particular, David Hassell reminded me to write this
>    message!  Thank you everyone, including those not listed!
>    - Jeff Painter

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