[CF-metadata] grid cells with a varying number of cell bounds

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Sun Sep 10 16:30:05 MDT 2017

On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 10:22 AM, V Balaji - NOAA Affiliate <
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> The relevant section of the UGRID conventions
> <https://ugrid-conventions.github.io/ugrid-conventions/#2d-flexible-mesh-mixed-triangles-quadrilaterals-etc-topology> seems
> consistent with this (except _FillValue is suggested).

Thank you!  -- I have been reading this thread and wondering what's going
on. "simple geometries" can indeed represent this kind of grid, but that's
not what it's intended for, and it's not a great way to do it. Nor is

(it's a major pet peeve of mine that the geopatial data statndards are
require you to tweak a grid as a bunch of unorganized polygons....)

And cell bounds aren't really for this purpose either.

Maybe I am missing the OP's use case, but an unstructured mesh should be
represented by the UGRID standard -- that's what it's for. Does it not work
for the OP's case somehow?



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