[CF-metadata] Add new integer types to CF?

Charlie Zender zender at uci.edu
Fri Sep 22 10:40:53 MDT 2017

_Unsigned = "true" is cleaner and clearer to me
than the valid_* attributes.
To me, Rich's suggestion requires a consensus
to _drop_ valid_* in CF 1.8, and instead make
_Unsigned the preferred workaround for file formats
that do not support unsigned types.
Unless people want to require _both_
_Unsigned and valid_* (seems burdensome to me),
or allow either _Unsigned or valid_* (seems
crufty to me). What do others think?

On 9/22/17 04:49, Signell, Richard wrote:
> lookin at the NUG, how about saying:
> In file types that don't offer native support for unsigned types,
> integer or byte variables that are to be interpreted as unsigned must
> have the attribute _Unsigned = "true".
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