[CF-metadata] request for standard name

Nan Galbraith ngalbraith at whoi.edu
Tue Oct 10 07:39:51 MDT 2017

Maybe instead of ' radar_quality_index' NCEI could use a more general
approach; an ancillary variable of radar_qc, and then a standard attribute
that describes how the  QC variable is calculated.

As far as I know there's no way, currently,  to provide such a 
description in
a way that would be clear to data users, but this approach would avoid a
proliferation of quality_index standard names.

I don't know about different radar systems, but a very similar concept 
could be
applied to ADCP data, perhaps by combining echo amplitude and percent good
to get a more 'complete' QC variable. We don't routinely do that, but it 
might be
useful, if we had a standard way to document the meaning of the 
resulting QC
value and the way it was calculated.

Cheers - Nan

On 10/5/17 1:00 PM, Jim Biard wrote:
> Hi.
> There needs to be a full definition of the quantity that is more 
> precise than the sentence below. Keep in mind that not every quantity 
> needs a standard name. I have one question in particular. Is this a 
> quantity that is comparable across different radars?
> Grace and peace,
> Jim
> On 10/5/17 12:21 PM, Heather Brown - NOAA Affiliate wrote:
>> Folks,
>> Are there any opinion and/or thoughts to adding this standard name?
>> Thanks,
>> H
>> Heather Brown
>> On Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 4:58 PM, Brian Nelson - NOAA Federal 
>> <brian.nelson at noaa.gov <mailto:brian.nelson at noaa.gov>> wrote:
>>     I would like to request a standard name for a variable that
>>     defines the quality of a ground based radar based on the combined
>>     measure of beam blockage and the effects of vertical profile of
>>     reflectivity.
>>     There is no such standard name available nor does an existing one
>>     meet the requirements.
>>     The name should be:  radar_quality_index
>>     Units : dimensionless (1)
>>     Thanks
>>     Brian

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