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The altimeter range includes the instrument corrections. The corrected range is corrected for wet and dry troposphere, ionosphere, sea state bias and datation bias (depending on the satellite). This how the Jason series, SARAL, Envisat and other missions define it.

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The v27 description of altimeter_range states 'An altimeter operates by sending out a short pulse of radiation and measuring the time required for the pulse to return from the sea surface; this measurement is used to calculate the distance between the instrument and the sea surface. That measurement is called the "altimeter range" and does not include any range corrections.’

Typically such a range WOULD include instrumental corrections (to reference the measurement to the satellite CoM and remove any biases due to instrument heating, etc.) but WOULD NOT include geophysical corrections to range, such as atmospheric propagation delays.

It would be useful to clear up what is intended by 'does not include any range corrections’

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