[CF-metadata] typo Re: New standard names for OMIP: physics

Karl Taylor taylor13 at llnl.gov
Tue Oct 24 16:56:39 MDT 2017

Hi all,

I think "X" should be the independent variable and "Y", the dependent 
variable (appearing as the integrand).  I would then prefer 
"integral_over_X_of_Y" or "integral_of_Y_over_X" (although I wouldn't 
object if the consensus is that "wrt" should replace "over").  [I don't 
like "integral_wrt_Y_of_X" because that seems to say that X is the 

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>> Dear Alison   cc Steve, Paul
>> Sorry for slow response. I've read Steve's edited version and I agree with
>> your and Steve's proposals. Thanks. Changing all the integral_of_X_wrt_Y to
>> integration_wrt_Y_of_X will make them more readable, I think, and it's a
> I meant integral_wrt_Y_of_X of course. Sorry.
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