[CF-metadata] [Use GitHub instead Trac proposal] CF Conventions 1.7 is released

Antonio S. Cofiño antonio.cofino at unican.es
Wed Oct 25 09:07:20 MDT 2017

Hi @Jonathan,

What is the status of  the proposal to move from Trac to GitHub?



On 08/09/17 14:36, Jonathan Gregory wrote:
> Dear Jeff
> Thanks for the announcement and for your own great and painstaking efforts
> over producing CF 1.7. It's great to have a new version at last. CF 1.6 was
> published in Dec 2011! When we changed to the new method of managing the
> document, we also agreed that in future we would have six-monthly releases
> (if there are any changes to be made; see ticket 146, now closed).
> In ticket 160 we are still discussing the use of GitHub for proposing future
> changes. I'll add to that soon.

> Best wishes
> Jonathan
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>>     The final draft of the CF Conventions document version 1.7 has been
>>     released.  That is, the CF Conventions web site, cfconventions.org, now
>>     points to version 1.7 as the latest standard.  Future changes will
>>     appear in version 1.8.   The corresponding conformance document
>>     ("Requirements and Recommendations") has also been released.
>>     A huge number of people have been involved in deciding on the
>>     revisions, in the Trac system and elsewhere.  For implementing those
>>     changes in the document itself, I don't have a complete list of
>>     contributors at hand.  But I skimmed my private notes on this project
>>     and saw these people mentioned: Tanya Reshel, Richard Hattersley, David
>>     Hassell, Mark Hedley, Rich Signell, Matthew Harris, Charlie Zender,
>>     Guilherme Castelão, Gray Marchiori, Balaji, Jonathan Gregory, Karl
>>     Taylor.   In particular, David Hassell reminded me to write this
>>     message!  Thank you everyone, including those not listed!
>>     - Jeff Painter
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