[CF-metadata] standard name table update - direction of wind gust

Stephane TAROT Stephane.Tarot at ifremer.fr
Thu Oct 26 10:34:07 MDT 2017

Dear all,

In June, I raised a topic about the creation of wind_from_direction_of_gust.
There was some comments, but at the end, from my point of view, it was 

After 3 updates of the table (june 27th, july 25th and september 19th), 
and despite
a message I sent on august 23rd, it is still not published.

I guess that all the people that are working to maintain the CF list and 
the CF convention are
probably doing this on a best effort basis, in addition to their usual work.
That's why I'm annoyed to write a message to somehow complain, but it's 
also very
frustating to wait so long to have an (agreed) standard name published.
(And I'm not an exception, I know one person in the same situation).

That being said, I hope that this new standard name for the direction of 
wind gust, as well
as the other pending standard names, will be included in the next update.

Best regards

Stéphane Tarot

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