[CF-metadata] standard name table update - direction of wind gust

Stephane TAROT Stephane.Tarot at ifremer.fr
Fri Oct 27 05:20:50 MDT 2017

Dear Alison,

Thank you for your message.

About the construction :
For standard winds (ie not gust), we already have : wind_speed & 
For speed of gust winds, we already have : wind_speed_of_gust
That's why if thought that wind_from_direction_of_gust was more coherent.

But it's not a problem for me if you prefer wind_gust_from_direction, if 
it sounds better in english.

As mentionned in my message, there're also some other pending proposal. 
For example, sea_binary_mask proposed by Elodie Fernandez.

Best regards


Le 26/10/2017 à 19:01, alison.pamment at stfc.ac.uk a écrit :
> Dear Stephane,
> Sorry that this one has been missed from the recent updates. That's my fault I'm afraid. Looking back, I can see there was some discussion about using the from/to terminology and it was agreed that this is our established syntax in standard names.
> The name as currently proposed/discussed is:
> wind_from_direction_of_gust (degree)
> ' "direction_of_X" means direction of a vector, a bearing. The phrase "from_direction" is used in the construction X_from_direction and indicates the direction from which the velocity vector of X is coming. The direction is a bearing in the usual geographical sense, measured positive clockwise from due north. Wind is defined as a two-dimensional (horizontal) air velocity vector, with no vertical component. (Vertical motion in the atmosphere has the standard name "upward_air_velocity".) In meteorological reports, the direction of the wind vector is usually (but not always) given as the direction from which it is blowing ("wind_from_direction") (westerly, northerly, etc.). In other contexts, such as atmospheric modelling, it is often natural to give the direction in the usual manner of vectors as the heading or the direction to which it is blowing ("wind_to_direction") (eastward, southward, etc.). A gust is a sudden brief period of high wind speed. In an observed timeseries of wind speed, the gust wind speed can be indicated by a cell_methods of "maximum" for the time-interval. In an atmospheric model which has a parametrised calculation of gustiness, the gust wind speed may be separately diagnosed from the wind speed.'
> My only suggestion is that the name itself could be written as wind_gust_from_direction which is actually more consistent with existing names such as wind_from_direction. Also, 'wind from direction of gust' sounds a bit odd in English, almost as though the wind and the gust are separate things, which they're not. What do you think?
> Best wishes,
> Alison
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> Dear all,
> In June, I raised a topic about the creation of wind_from_direction_of_gust.
> There was some comments, but at the end, from my point of view, it was agreed.
> After 3 updates of the table (june 27th, july 25th and september 19th), and despite a message I sent on august 23rd, it is still not published.
> I guess that all the people that are working to maintain the CF list and the CF convention are probably doing this on a best effort basis, in addition to their usual work.
> That's why I'm annoyed to write a message to somehow complain, but it's also very frustating to wait so long to have an (agreed) standard name published.
> (And I'm not an exception, I know one person in the same situation).
> That being said, I hope that this new standard name for the direction of wind gust, as well as the other pending standard names, will be included in the next update.
> Best regards
> Stéphane Tarot
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