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Bowler, Neill neill.bowler at metoffice.gov.uk
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Thank you for replying and the pointers on the right path.

I can indeed get compliance by avoiding the specification of a standard name.  It's a bit of a pain because my plotting software (iris) will label the dimension by standard name, and then long name if standard name is unavailable.  It simply means that I have to keep the long name relatively short for usability of the file - but I can live with that.



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I'd just like to elaborate one (potentially obvious) point: if there is no appropriate standard name for the variable in the CF vocabulary, don't use the standard_name attribute, just give the variable a descriptive long name, using the long_name attribute.

Cheers - Nan

On 10/31/17 9:00 AM, Jim Biard wrote:
> Neill,
> Lack of a standard name doesn't make the file non-compliant. There's 
> no minimum set of required attributes. If you follow the conventions 
> in how you make your observation number coordinate variable, then you 
> are fine, even if there is no standard name for it.
> Grace and peace,
> Jim
> On 10/31/17 7:36 AM, Bowler, Neill wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm very new to this, so please forgive my ignorance.
>> I'm working on GPSRO data, and once this data has been collated we 
>> write it to a netCDF file.  The main observation data is written as a 
>> 2D array with dimensions observation number (1 to n, where n will 
>> vary from file to file) and height (from 0 to 60km).  The file also 
>> contains lots of additional data (such as latitude and longitude of 
>> each observation, the ID of the satellite used, etc).  The integer 
>> observation number is the only sensible unique dimension that I know of.
>> My difficulty is that observation number, or something similar, is 
>> not in the CF standard.  Therefore my files are not CF-compliant, 
>> although they are in every other respect.  Is there scope for adding 
>> something like observation number to the standard?
>> Many thanks,
>> Neill

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