[CF-metadata] grid cells with a varying number of cell bounds

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I agree with Charlie and Jessica that _FillValue is the better approach. 
According to the NUG, "The fill value is returned when reading values 
that were never written." This contrasts slightly with the missing_value 
definition which is (per NUG) "The missing_value attribute can be a 
scalar or vector containing values indicating missing data." 
Missing_value has more of the sense of "Our acquisition system couldn't 
get a value for this measurement at this time/place."

In the case at hand, there never were values to potentially have. The 
difference between not existing and potentially existing but unavailable.

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On 12/20/17 6:49 PM, Hausman, Jessica (398G) wrote:
> Matlab, Panoploy and other software know what to do with _/FillValue, 
> I don’t know if the same can be said about missing/_value
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> I prefer _FillValue to missing_value.
> On 12/20/17 14:22, cf-metadata-request at cgd.ucar.edu 
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> > My sense is that no one violently opposes the use of missing_value to
> > fill unused vertices for grid cells with fewer than the maximum number
> > of vertices.
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