[CF-metadata] Platform Heave

Alison Pamment - UKRI STFC alison.pamment at stfc.ac.uk
Wed Oct 3 11:10:59 MDT 2018

Dear Jim, Roy, Nan, Jonathan, et al.,

I have drawn together what I hope is the final list for the platform names.

We seem to be agreed on the need to have triplets of names to cope with opposite sign conventions and the case where the sign convention is unknown. I've followed Roy's comment http://mailman.cgd.ucar.edu/pipermail/cf-metadata/2018/020540.html regarding cross-referencing in the definitions, i.e. adding the statement to only choose the unsigned names if the convention is truly unknown. I plan to create aliases for some of the existing names as follows:
platform_yaw_angle -> platform_yaw
platform_pictch_angle -> platform_pitch
platform_roll_angle > platform_roll
to make them consistent with the new names. In addition to Jim's 12th September proposals (http://mailman.cgd.ucar.edu/pipermail/cf-metadata/2018/020513.html), new names for platform_sway, platform_sway_rate, platform_surge and platform_surge_rate are needed to provide complete triplets of names for all the quantities.

The definitions of the new quantities are all based on Jim's text, with the 'platform' description moved to the end. 'Instrument' has been added to the list of platforms as I think this was requested by Nan earlier in the discussion. (I think we can regard an 'instrument' as a way to mount one or more 'sensors'). The definitions of all existing platform names will be updated for consistency.

On a grammatical point, I noticed that the definitions of yaw/pitch/roll/surge rate in Jim's message all said "Yaw/pitch/roll/surge rate *might not* include changes to the "at rest" position of the platform ..." whereas the definitions of sway/heave rate said "Sway/heave rate *may not* include changes to the "at rest" position of the platform ...". I have changed all the definitions to say "might not" instead of "may not" as I think the latter could sound like we are prohibiting the inclusion of changes to the "at rest" position, which I don't think is the intention. Please correct me if this is wrong!

I have added all the names into the standard names editor: http://cfeditor.ceda.ac.uk/proposals/1?status=active&namefilter=platform&proposerfilter=&descfilter=&unitfilter=&yearfilter=&commentfilter=&filter+and+display=Filter. To save copying and pasting all the text into this message, please use the link to check through the full list. N.B. You can refine the filters to view smaller subsets of names together, e.g., 'platform_sway'. If no objections or suggestions for further changes are received, the names will be accepted in their current form and published on 15th October.

Best wishes,

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