[CF-metadata] question about proper cell bounds for ocean_volume_transport_across_line

Jonathan Gregory j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk
Fri Jan 18 10:17:34 MST 2019

Dear Matthias

> While I can provide (scalar) lat/lon that would be something like the
> section mid-point, and proper cell_bounds with these, the result is that
> the user then knows a lat/lon box where my data are from. The user does
> not yet know which ones of the box vertices are my actual section
> endpoints (could be the NW-to-SE corner or SW-to-NE).

I agree with Jim that the new simple geometries convention (coming in the next
version of CF) would be suitable to draw the line in detail.

> 3. We amend the standard_name definition to clarify that when looking in
> the direction in which the line is sequentially defined in the lat/lon
> bounds, positive is considered to be 90 degrees to the left. I assume
> this would not only apply to my particular standard_name, but all of:
>   ocean_volume_transport_across_line
>   sea_ice_area_transport_across_line
>   sea_ice_transport_across_line
>   sea_water_transport_across_line
>   snow_transport_across_line_due_to_sea_ice_dynamics

Yes, that's a good idea. By "to the left" do you mean anticlockwise, when
viewed from above? That would be consistent with the definition of polygonal
cell bounds.

Best wishes


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