[CF-metadata] proposal for new standard name: air_gap

Aaron Sweeney - NOAA Affiliate aaron.sweeney at noaa.gov
Wed Jul 24 14:06:53 MDT 2019


     I haven't found an existing CF standard name for this concept (nor a
previous discussion), so I am proposing a new standard name, as below:

Proposed Standard Name: air_gap

Canonical Units: m

Description: The air gap is the clearance (vertical distance) between the
instantaneous height of the designated low steel value of a bridge and the
instantaneous sea surface height.  The height of the designated low steel
value of a bridge may change due to traffic or other loads.

     Note: I did make some effort to review existing standard name
patterns, but the results (below) were coming out rather long, which may be
an impediment toward understanding and adoption, but I include them here
for completeness:

     The air gap is used for safety of navigation into and out of ports
with bridges.


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