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Hi Bill,
Sorry about that,  I wrongly interpreted this statement by Jan

We will need to check the ice sheet SMB numbers in 125.

as that 125 has the new repartitioning.


On 04 Jan 2017, at 17:04, Bill Sacks <sacks at ucar.edu<mailto:sacks at ucar.edu>> wrote:

Hi Leo,

Thank you very much for these numbers.

I am a little confused, though: You refer to the effect of the new repartitioning, but I thought that we have only included the new repartitioning in runs that you and Jan did – not in any of Cecile's runs. Am I remembering wrong, and do some of the runs below actually have this new repartitioning?

Bill S

On Jan 4, 2017, at 7:03 AM, Kampenhout, L. van (Leo) <L.vanKampenhout at uu.nl<mailto:L.vanKampenhout at uu.nl>> wrote:

Hi all,

below some numbers for run 119, 124 and 125.
RACMO2.3 estimates SNOW = 673 +/- 77, so with the repartitioning we’re still on the high side with about 100 Gt.
For the period 1961-1990 RACMO predicts SMB = 398 +/-112 so runoff is still underestimated with about ~200 Gt  (700-100-398)
77% of rain is refrozen in run 119, 83% in run 124 and 79% in run 125 so it’s a long shot to conclude that the new repartitioning has a significant effect?



Case    Integration mask        RAIN    RAIN_REP        SNOW    SNOW_REP        QICE
period = 0080-0104
        CESM16  203.145 Gt
        37.1817 Gt
        628.17 Gt
        794.134 Gt
        666.51 Gt

        RACMO2.3        230.934 Gt
        52.1988 Gt
        672.709 Gt
        851.444 Gt
        719.824 Gt

period = 0005-0024
        167.039 Gt
        22.8908 Gt
        564.673 Gt
        708.821 Gt
        604.017 Gt

        187.502 Gt
        31.5097 Gt
        604.201 Gt
        760.192 Gt
        637.48 Gt

period = 0032-0051
        150.234 Gt
        24.8538 Gt
        619.013 Gt
        744.393 Gt
        660.788 Gt

        172.677 Gt
        36.3906 Gt
        664.011 Gt
        800.298 Gt
        696.981 Gt

On 03 Jan 2017, at 20:32, Lenaerts, J.T.M. (Jan) <j.lenaerts at uu.nl<mailto:j.lenaerts at uu.nl>> wrote:

Hi all,

Happy New Year everyone!

We will need to check the ice sheet SMB numbers in 125. I am back in the office next week and I will produce some plots.



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No, I just mean changing the simple rain-snow partitioning scheme to use a different ramp – currently:

   ! ramp near freezing
   frac_rain = (temperature - SHR_CONST_TKFRZ) * 0.5_r8

   ! bound in [0,1]
   frac_rain = min(1.0_r8,max(0.0_r8,frac_rain))

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