[Liwg-core] Rain-snow repartitioning

Bill Sacks sacks at ucar.edu
Wed Jan 11 14:39:18 MST 2017

Hi all (just including LIWG folks here),

I was just giving Bette a recap of our discussion on rain-snow repartitioning, and this raised a couple of questions for us:

(1) For Greenland, is it correct that a change to the rain-snow partitioning would lead to more rain, which is a degradation relative to observations – but that Jan and Bill L feel we can (and should) live with this degradation in order to boost the melt?

(2) Particularly if (1) is true: Since it feels like this achieves the right answer (net SMB) for the wrong reasons (too much rain): Has any thought been given to whether this makes sense in a climate change (future or paleo) world?

(3) Has anyone looked at what this change to rain-snow partitioning does over Antarctica? We want to be sure that we're not substantially degrading the Antarctica SMB from this change....

Bill S

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