[Liwg-core] melt bias in 126

Marcus Löfverström marcusl at ucar.edu
Fri Jan 13 09:43:37 MST 2017

Hi Miren,

a part of the problem is likely the changes in subgrid topography in
Greenland. Here is a snippet from an email from Julio to the CESM

"126 with enhanced surface roughness around Greenland could be colder in
the Labrador sea.  Marcus L. has seen cooling there in our F2000 cases.
Let's see what it does to Lab sea ice."

My understanding is that the Lab Sea is still behaving fairly well in the
B-case they are currently running. Note, however, that this assessment is
only based on a few decades worth of data so it could change in a longer

// Marcus

On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 9:23 AM, Miren Vizcaino <M.Vizcaino at tudelft.nl>

> dear all,
> Unfortunately I missed the Wednesday telecom and I missed also the melt
> problem, that came to me as a surprise today
> Jan: "Due to the latest CAM changes, the SST’s have cooled quite a bit in
> the North Atlantic, and this made Greenland cooler as well, and reducing
> melt significantly".
> do we know exactly the sources of the cold bias, and is this substantially
> affecting other regions (e.g. Arctic sea ice?)? are others out of the LIWG
> aware/concerned about the cold SSTs ?
> thanks, cheers, miren
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