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Hi Bill,

We don’t have enough new results that warrant attention. However, Leo has found a serious (!) bug in the surface energy balance scheme (a continuous sink of energy that is lost on the way), which has been introduced since the inclusion of fractional snow cover. He is currently working on some slides to illustrate it. If this proves to be real (and we think it is), it might explain the low melt rates with a reasonable climate, the low sensitivity to changing ice albedo, and it will probably completely change (i.e. drastically increase) the surface melt and SMB over the ice sheets….

Leo will update us later today, but I would not (yet) mention this at the co-chair meeting. We should perhaps first discuss this internally and with the CLM folks (who have been working on the fractional snow cover).

All the best,


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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else is planning to call into today’s meeting, and if we have any results to show from the latest runs (including those with reduced bare ice albedo).


Bill L.

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Good morning,

This email is to remind you of a CESM WG Chairs meeting this morning at 10AM MST in the Director's Conference Room.

For those connecting to the meeting from outside of NCAR, here are the numbers that you will need:
AUDIO: Dial this access number:  1-866-740-1260<tel:1-866-740-1260> – Enter access code 4971358
VIDEO: Go to www.readytalk.com<http://www.readytalk.com/>; under "join a meeting" enter access code 4971358


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