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I'm not sure what is meant there.

However, an update from today's co-chairs meeting: Jean-François recommended that groups look at #169 to see if it looks reasonable. There was a particular request for the LIWG to look at Greenland. However: There are some known problems with #169 that should be resolved in the next run ("169+", which will probably get a new number). In particular, some big changes in longwave radiation over greenland in #169 are pretty much reversed (so back to before) in "169+". So I'll leave it up to others as to whether they want to do some quick analyses on #169 or just wait for 169+.

Bill S

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> Hi Bill, 
> Thanks for forwarding 
>>>  it would be quite useful to see how sea-ice responds to the warming
> I don’t understand which warming he means here, if he is referring to 169 (PI) ? Or does he mean warming in 125.cmip6? Or maybe 169 warming with respect to other runs? 
> Thanks! Miren 
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>>> Subject: [Cesm2control] simulations to focus on
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>>> Hi all
>>> sorry to have missed the meeting this morning but the thesis' defense I
>>> was attending was much longer than planned.  In any case, we should focus
>>> on the analysis of 125.cmip6 (20th) and 169 (PI).  In particular, I think it would be quite
>>> important to look at the latter to identify potential issues, but also improvements.
>>> In particular, it would be quite useful to see how sea-ice responds to the warming.
>>> Thanks!
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